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Above: Bryan Jones receives the Installer of the Year title at the Regional Green Deal & Eco Awards 2015

Experience, product knowledge and attention to specific customer needs are essential when it comes to heat pump installation. Specialist, award-winning installer Bryan Jones, from Total NRG, gives some insight into the service you should expect and how he sees the RHI scheme benefitting customers:

What are the key things, in your experience, that customers are looking for when it comes to installing a heat pump?

Cost is paramount. People are looking to save costs in terms of fuel bills over the longer term. In the short term they are seeking energy efficient heat sources that don’t cost the earth, literally and figuratively speaking. Often customers don’t know about the additional financial incentive that comes through the domestic RHI scheme, which can be substantial.

Customers also want heating solutions that won’t cause disruption to their everyday lives, so they are looking for quiet operation, compact installations that are sympathetic to their properties and high levels of reliability.

What types of reaction are you seeing from customers who have opted for a heat pump installation?

People are always impressed that we can capture low grade energy and turn it into high grade energy that will meet all of their heating demands in a much more efficient way than what they’ve experienced previously.

For some customers, the impact an efficient heat source can have on quality of life is huge and we’ve had some great feedback from home-owners who are enjoying improved comfort-levels at a lesser cost, having switched to a heat pump.

What is your opinion of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme?

Once people are aware of the scheme, it is often the deciding factor when it comes to whether or not to go with a renewable heat pump. The financial incentives that the scheme offers are very hard to ignore and some of the installations I’ve been involved with have resulted in payments of tens of thousands of pounds over the seven year RHI period. I always point this out to potential customers and make sure they have a full picture when it comes to the return on investment they would be looking at, bearing in mind running costs savings and RHI payments.

What is the best thing about your job?

For me it’s job satisfaction; knowing that I’ve done my best for the customer. I look at each installation as if I was doing it for myself and spend time understanding the specific requirements of the job and how we best satisfy those. No two installations are the same and the challenge of tailoring a heat pump installation so that it works with each individual property is extremely rewarding. It’s great to see the smile on the face of a customer when we tell them about the RHI scheme too! The products I choose to work with are exceedingly reliable and that gives me peace of mind in my work every day.

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